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Frequently Asked QuestionsHow far in advance should we book?

Bookings usually take place months in advance; however, events held in the school's Spring, Fall, or Christmas breaks, as well as the months of May-August & December are advised to book at least 10-12 months in advance. Always feel free to contact us and we will always do our best to accommodate your event if possible! However, we do recommend you try to be flexible with your date so we can accommodate you at our venue.

How much is the deposit and how do I book?

Call our office to verify your day is still available. 801-770-4642. We can’t reserve your date without a deposit. We require $1,500 non-refundable deposit to book your event date for events outside of 60 days. You can pay your whole balance at that time as well if you want, otherwise we try to make it easy by splitting it into payments. We just need 50% of the remaining balance due 60 days before your event and then your remaining balance is due 30 days prior to your event.

There is a $100 Late fee for each late payment. If you cancel for some reason, the Initial deposit is always non-refundable, and Cancellation requests made within 60 days of the event date, will be refunded, half the invoice total, minus the deposit. Cancellation requests made within 30 days to your event will not be refundable. There are no refunds of any type within 30 days of your event, or following your event.

What is your cancellation policy?

CANCELLATION POLICY- You may cancel the Event for a refund of the amount paid by providing Knot & Pine confirmed written notice of the termination within 72 hours of the day of first booking. Cancellation requests made outside of 72hrs will be refunded, minus the initial $1,500 deposit. Cancellation requests made within 60 days of the event date, will be refunded, half the invoice total, not including the initial deposit. Cancellation requests made within 30 days to your event will not be refundable. There are no refunds of any type within 30 days of your event, or following your event.

DEPOSITS, PAYMENTS, & RESERVATIONS- To hold a reservation for use of Knot & Pine Services or Venues, you must pay a minimum deposit of $1,500. 50% of the remaining total amount after the deposit has been made, is to be paid at least 60 days prior to the Event. With the entire balance due 30 days prior to the Event. Knot & Pine may cancel your reservation, refuse to provide services, and/or terminate this agreement, if you fail to pay the deposit or if you fail to pay the full amount by the due dates. A $100 late fee will be charged to your invoice if a payment is late.
In the event that you need to change your date, a new deposit must be made to reserve a new event date. Dates subject to availability, and management approval.

Any Additional add-on items to your invoice within 2 weeks of your event will be subject to a $50 Change Order Fee for each service.

By paying your deposit, you acknowledge that you have read these Policies, and acknowledge that you are aware of the Venue and the services that you are renting. Knot & Pine Weddings and Events, are not liable for injuries on the property or by our products that are being rented, and we are also not liable for differences of temperature or temperature changes in our Venues.

There are absolutely no refunds within 30 days of your event or after your event. And 50% , minus the deposit, is non refundable if the event is cancelled within 60 days of your event date.

There are absolutely NO refunds after your event and we are not liable for any injuries on the premises.

Can I make changes?

We understand that details for events and weddings take time, and there are so many choices. Small changes in general are easy to accommodate, especially changes in linen colors, floral styles, catering menus, guest counts, cake flavors, etc. as long as we have finalized details two weeks prior to your event date, we should be fine. We can even add on a few things, or even perhaps take a few things off after that point. If changes are made to floral or catering after our two-week cut off mark, a $50 change order fee will apply to each additional change.

Can we do a ceremony at the barn?

YES! We love ceremonies and have some fun features that will make your ceremony memorable! We will set your chairs up for $100 for your ceremony with the tables pushed back against the walls, and then reset after your ceremony to set up for the reception. If you need extra time for a ceremony, we can arrange that according to staff availability. If your event times go past 6 hours, we will charge $75 per hour for extra staff time. This does not include set up time. Events typically need to be cleaned up by 10, but extra time after 10pm can be added on if we have staff availability. Events can not go past midnight.

Where is the parking?

Our designated parking includes the 40 stalls between and around the Barn and the Edward Jones Financial building, that runs around the north and west sides of our building. There is also street parking, and over flow parking across the street and the Church and the Montessori School.

Is there a groom’s room?

Yes, it is in the upstairs loft. It is for adults only before and after the event to relax, hang out, and get ready. During events, for liability reasons, we cannot have anyone up there and it will be locked off. Children are never allowed up there, at any time. We are not liable for any injuries associated in using this space. We just ask that you are respectful and careful when using this space.

Is there a sound system?

Yes, we have a top of the line sound system in the barn. It is blue tooth equipped, with large speakers, and multiple channels for live music bands to plug in, if needed. There is also a cordless microphone available, and a mic stand.

Is there a TV available?

Yes. Bring prepared displays on a jump drive that will be plugged into the TV.

Will there be other weddings booked on my event day?

We do not double book in one day. You will be able to enjoy your day without worrying about a time frame. But please stay within your chosen 6-hours of available event time, between 10 am and 10 pm. If you need extra time, just ask, and we will see what we can do and if we have the staff available to accommodate. We do charge $75 per extra hour of event time.

Is there a prep kitchen included with the venue rental?

Yes. It is perfect for prepping and plating food. We do not allow any type of cooking in the venue at all. You or your catering staff are responsible to keep the kitchen and serving areas clean during your event and cleaned up after your event. You need to make sure you have people who are busing the tables throughout the event. You are responsible for any spills or messes that happen while setting up or during your event. All garbage must be cleaned up and taken out to dumpster at the end of the night. The kitchen must have everything cleaned out of the fridge, counters wiped down, floor swept and mopped. There is no food allowed down the sink drain, as we do not have a disposal. We provide the garbage cans and liners, and cleaning supplies.

May we arrive the Night Before?

Complimentary "Early Arrival" may be requested DAY OF ONLY. We apologize, we do not allow clients to come in the night before. Typical Let in time for set up is 10am. We do charge a $50 fee for let in times before 10am.
Are we allowed to stay beyond 10:00PM? ...Perhaps Midnight?
"Extended Time" needed, which includes: any members of the bridal party, guests inside premises, and any arranged vendors, will be charged the hourly rate of $75 exceeding past 10:00PM. It is recommended to book additional time needed in advance, up to midnight.

Will my services be set-up... what time? What about custom services & wedding planning?

Our policy is that we service and set up all services "contracted" specifically through us. Anything serviced or belonging to us will be set up and ready to go upon your scheduled arrival time, then taken-down and cleaned up by us, upon your departure. When using our catering services, We will clean our facility's floors, tables, chairs, service areas, etc. Any items brought in by you, your party, or your vendors need to be set up and cleaned up by you or your vendors. This includes the clean up or take down of floral or draping installations after your event.

Do we have to use your services, or can we bring in our own vendors?

Yes, you may arrange for your own vendors. All vendors must be vacated no later than 10:00PM. All vendors will be responsible for cleaning up their own services, for example: caterers will be responsible for such tasks as cleaning the serving kitchen, removal of trash, while any rental or linen companies must return to remove their items, etc. We also ask that you schedule as many of your vendors to come about the same time on the day of your event. If we have multiple vendors coming in at multiple times, and request that the barn be unlocked and then locked up when the vendors leave, there may be additional charges for our staffs extra time in coming to let them all in. It is a lot easier for all if you can arrange to have everyone come around the same time.

Do you offer full-service wedding options?

Yes, you may rent the Alpine Barn facility along with our in-house "professional" top-notch services such as: Decor, Linens, Flowers, Cakes, & Catering. We handle all the set up and take down, and help you keep the consultations to a minimum to help make your wedding planning easy and as stress free as we can! We have experienced Wedding Planners that would love to help you in anyway. This service is only complementary with the use of our services.

With your catering services, do you stock the buffet & clear the tables?

Yes, with "Full-Service", we will clear the tables, stock the buffet, clean the kitchen, and service the event professionally. Our catering also includes buffet enhancements (such as risers, chafing dishes, trays, etc.), as well as complimentary acrylic tableware. There is no need to worry about anything with us, we've got you covered.
With your catering services, do we get to keep catering left overs?
You must provide your own leftover containers, but yes, you can keep all the leftover that you paid for on your invoice. Non-perishable food items are packaged up and may be taken home; however, it is our general policy that perishable items be disposed of after the event, due to the inability to control the safety of the food's temperature. Non-perishable & perishable food items may be requested in advance; however, client accepts full liability in all aspects of doing so.

Do you have any minimums on catering?

There is a minimum of $500 for all catering orders (pre-total).
Guest counts are recommended to be in increments of 5's.

Do we need to plan for tips for catering services?

We require a minimum of 10% that will be added to your initial invoice. If you feel our crew has done a good job, feel free to add additional gratuity on your own. You may give this in cash form to your Lead Caterer, or call us the day after to charge your card on file for any amount you’d like. However, nothing is required outside of the initial 10%.

Do you offer cake / catering tastings?

Yes, we offer cake and catering tastings. Cake Tastings are $29, and Catering Tastings are $150(4 "items") based on two guests. Please add $10 per additional "Tasting Item" and/or per additional "Guests" joining the tasting. To schedule a tasting: Cake tastings are offered in the mornings and evenings Mon-Sat with a 24hr notice. Catering tastings are usually offered in the evenings during the beginning to mid-week with a 2 week's notice. Tastings need to be paid for in advance before an appointment.

Can we light candles in the barn?

At the barn, we can have a lit candles, but there are several rules and restrictions. Call our office for these guidelines. If the guidelines are not followed, or if the wood tables or our linens are damaged due to not following our guidelines, Replacement or damages will be charged to your card on file.

Can we bring sparklers for a send-off?

Yes, sparklers outside are permitted, please be careful. Please bring or ask us for a bucket of water to dispose of sparklers after their use. We also just ask that you also clean up any messes as much as possible.

Do you offer, or can we arrange to bring our own alcohol?

Yes, we do charge a $400 fee for having alcohol anywhere on the property. The actual alcohol service must be completely handled & served by an approved licensed bar-tender which must be pre-arranged solely by the client. A copy of proper licensing by the bar-tender is required, BEFORE any alcohol can be served in/on our premises. A contract must also be signed by the client, accepting full-liability. We reserve the right to eliminate alcohol and dismiss the bar-tender at any time during the event, if we feel like any risks may arise. We also ask for a courtesy cut off time of serving alcohol past 9pm, so that this doesn’t interfere with the 10pm closing time of the venue.

Can I schedule additional times to come walk through the barn with my vendors?

Yes! We understand that your vendors may want to come walk through the space to get inspiration or measurements for your event. When you are not using our services, we allow for ONE complimentary walk through at the barn. If you need additional time planning in the space, we do charge $25 per hour for that. Please call our main office to schedule that. 801-770-4642

Can I just stop by the barn at any time?

We do not have normal office hours at the Barn. We handle all of our scheduling, planning and consultations at our main office in American Fork, Utah. If you would like to schedule a time to come in the barn for any reason, please call our main office at 801-770-4642 and we will get you days and times that are available for our staff to meet you there. We do this as a courtesy to each of our brides, so that you have the barn fully dedicated to just your event on the day of your event.
Bride and groom walking under sparklers, creating a magical and romantic exit from their wedding.
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