Floral at the Alpine Barn Venue
*Prices subject to change

Floral Package A: {$350}
Brides Bouquet
Groom's Bout
Pick "One" - Extra Choice {see below}

Floral Package B: {$800}
Bride's Bouquet
Groom's Bout
10 Mixed Greens Garlands-6ft long each.
Pick "One" - Other Choices {see below}

Floral Package C: {$1050}
Brides Bouquet
Groom's Bout
10 Mixed Greens Garlands- 6ft long each.
Lg Buffet Centerpiece
Pick "Two" - Other Choices {see below}

Other Choices for your “picks”
• 2 Bouts & 1 Corsage (parents, grandparents, etc.)
• 2 Corsages
• Cake Flowers
• Toss Bouquet
• Sign-In Bouquet (can double as toss bouquet)
• Bridesmaid Bouquet
• Flower Girl Bouquet
• Flower Petals
• Extra 6’ Mixed Greens garland

Extras: Add extra floral options to your package or choose a la carte.
• Extra Bouquet for Bridal Pictures (any date prior to your event)- $250
• Bouts-$15
• Corsages- pin-$25
Corsages- wrist $30
• Bridesmaid/Bouquet-$65
• Bridesmaid/Wrist Corsage-$30
• Flower Crown- $45
• Flower Comb- $40
• Toss Bouquet/Sign-In Combined-$85
• Toss Bouquet-$85
• Sign-In Centerpiece-$85
• Cake Flowers-$45-standard; $75-elaborate/cascading
• Centerpieces- Level 1=$30; Level 2=$50; Level 3=$75; Level 4=$125
• Large Buffet Centerpiece- $200
• Flower Petals(one color)-$35
• Welcome Sign Flowers- $75
• Specialty Garlands (Eucalyptus, Olive, Magnolia)- $14.50 per foot
• Mixed Greens Garlands 6ft- $45 , 12.5ft- $90 (min of 2), 25ft-$175
• Adding Roses to table garlands $25 per table (for 6ft garlands)
• Adding Spray Roses to table garlands $15 per table (for 6ft garlands)
• Mixed Greens Garland on Back Barn Doors for backdrop- $350
• Mixed Greens Garland on both Chandeliers- $350
• Backdrop Flowers- Call for Quote
• Custom Options-Custom Bid Just Ask!

*All Pricing includes installation and take down in the Barn.
*Pricing based upon standard flowers, specialty flowers are subject to custom pricing

*Minimum of $250 on all Floral Orders. +15% on all a ‘la carte pricing on non-packages.
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